You are more than likely aware of the construction of the new Regimental Museum taking place in Priory Road, Warwick, not a million miles from the old QOH Museum: this is progressing well and the building in Trinity Mews is now owned by the Regiment and being re-built to house the Collection, thanks to the generosity of a number of the Regimental Family.

The Collection itself is currently in store having left the two former locations in The Redoubt in Eastbourne and The Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick. The Museum of The Queen’s Royal Hussars will ultimately present The Regiment with exactly what it needs in which to display its Collection to the full potential.

The Museum of The Queen's Royal Hussars Churchill's Own


You may, however, not be aware of the size and scope of this project, of what we have already achieved due again to considerable generosity and of what still has to be achieved. The aim of this short summary is to bring you up to date with all of that from the time we purchased 1 Trinity Mews in April 2016 since when a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, and even more is still to flow.

The building was an architect’s office block and is currently being converted into a museum. This has entailed the removal of most of the internal walls, doors and structure to present us with as much open space as possible. Entry and exit doors are being re-located, disabled facilities including a stair lift will be installed, new electrics and audio video cabling is being fitted and eventually painting, decorating, flooring and all the other aesthetic necessities will be completed. We will ultimately be able to present the Regiment with an extremely smart and very fit for purpose space in which to house its magnificent Collection.

This is not specifically yet another fundraising letter but it cannot have escaped anyone’s notice that to get to the current stage of the re-build, including the purchase of the building, will have cost a substantial amount which has in the main been found by members of the Regimental Family, and there remains the Museum design and Collection installation still to be completed. That will probably not actively commence until early in 2018 as there is much planning to be completed and further work to be undertaken before it becomes feasible or even likely: but rest assured – it will happen.

Much of the wherewithal needed to create the displays is accessible, what we are lacking are the Museum design concept plan and the financial ability to put that plan into full action – and hence the delay or ‘moratorium’ we have imposed on ourselves. So whilst there is no firm opening date planned yet we are determined to produce as fine a Museum as we can by pausing as long as we need (within reason!) in order to achieve the standard we all want.

If you are ever in Warwick and would like to see Trinity Mews for yourselves please give as much notice as possible through HHQ and we will try to fit in with your plans if we can. It is your Museum and it will belong to the Regimental Family.

If you think it is costing us all a lot of money please try to view that within the context that once The Museum of The Queen’s Royal Hussars is up and running, nobody can take it away from us unlike the majority of other regiments that may well experience serious problems with their museums in years to come when military support and finances dwindle away – as without doubt they will.

So please support your Museum in whatever way you can. More information can be found on the QRH Museum site.