A Q&A Update on the Museum Progress

Question:  Why has progress on completion of the Museum Project fallen so far behind the expected stage completion dates?

Answer: The main contributing factor has been that during internal building work a number of faults have been discovered with the fabric of the Museum including the roof that may entail a considerable amount of work. None of these faults were picked up by the Building Survey and the additional costs now required to enable repairs to be carried out were not envisaged during the project planning.

 Question:  When will the Museum finally be open?

Answer:  This is entirely dependent on what repairs are found to be necessary to the fabric of the roof once the tiles have been removed.  As soon as we have definite information we will pass this on. We are unable to start on the internal displays until the fabric of the building is secure.

Question:  Is there any progress with the content of the Museum?

Answer:  We are in the process of agreeing the internal design of the Museum displays with our chosen Museum designer, PLB of York.  The design work can be continued as the repairs to the roof are being completed. We continue to receive new artefacts for display and in particular we have been loaned part of the material displayed in the Blackshaw Museum previously held by the Regiment in Sennelager.

Question:  Is there any way we can help?

Answer:  Fund raising is still very much alive. Any further donations that you can raise will have a very positive effect on completing the project and opening the Museum. We are also actively seeking volunteers: so if you think you may have a specific talent and would like to become involved please do contact

The latest update as at October 2018 can be found below:

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